12 Lessons from 55,000 pages of books

How 136 books can update our prior knowledge of the world

Reading 136 books in a year does not get you to enlightenment. It may lead in the other direction, towards greater confusion. How? In those 55,000 pages, you are bound to find inconsistencies, such as pieces of advice that directly contradict each other. You are also guaranteed to read about people who were successful using one strategy and people who were successful using the opposite approach. What you find over 136 books is not one path to success, but many, as life is so varied, there is no single master strategy.


Our updated beliefs should not be considered correct. They only represent the best worldview given the data. As science makes new findings and as we observe more successes and failures, we should be continuously adapting our beliefs. One of the best methods I’ve found to update beliefs is by reading widely and extensively, then reflecting on the information and identifying shared findings that represent the best knowledge humans have. Whatever your system for learning knowledge, remember that being incorrect is not a failure, the mistake is not updating your belief as new data emerges.

Data Scientist at Cortex Intel, Data Science Communicator